Hans Technology creates a brand join with companion animals in everyday life.

Petoi is one of Hans Technology’s brand, strive to create the right culture of companion animals based on smart technology.

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About Hans Technology

Aim to value more than just a pet brand

We successfully launched our first brand Petoi, after years of research in companion animals. Our passion, pride of better quality product, and knowledge of creating a customer-friendly brand, these are only at Hans Technology.

Production and Distribution

Hans Technology applies principle of ‘from production to distribution, from technology to happiness’, yet delivers better quality product faster.

Target Content

As a Pet brand specialist, we have sense of duty to create a content that sends a message and give direction of our goal and create a platform that people can enjoy with.

Professional Marketing

We market our product that represent our philosophy for companion animals, and with companion animals.

Brands of Hans Technology

These are not just pet product brands, but friends we have met on a journey on creating the right culture of companion animals.


Petoi was created with the ambition contributing Pet care and mature pet culture.

More Brands

We are keep working out a new brand representing your idea and improving pet culture.

We are waiting

for your marketing co-work, collaboration, or career inquiries.

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